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We created this page to provide you with access to clinical data, marketing materials, and a written proposal about a new type of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Below you will find a brief description of our company and links to several downloadable PDF documents.

There are also three short explainer videos on our home page linked below.

Deep TMS

Clinical Service

A new type of TMS . . .
Delivered in a new way

Brainsway Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (dTMS) is now available as a clinical service.  This new version of TMS generates 17cm3 of cortical stimulation.  By comparison, all other currently available TMS systems generate only 3cm3 of stimulation.  As a result, Brainsway dTMS is more likely to hit the target area and achieve excellent results.  In clinical practice, 3 out of 4 treatment-resistant patients have a significant response to dTMS, and 2 of 4 achieve full remission from depression.

Brainsway dTMS is also the only TMS equipment that is FDA cleared for OCD therapy.  No other system can achieve the depth of stimulation required for OCD therapy.


The following files are available for you to view and download.

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MDD Clinical Trial

This is the pivotal clinical trial that led to FDA clearance for dTMS for MDD

dTMS Clinical Studies

Compilation of highlights from peer reviewed publications relating to dTMS

MDD Physician Brochure

Our equipment manufacturer’s marketing for MDD

Deep TMS Brochure

Our equipment manufacturer’s marketing for dTMS

OCD Clinical Trial

This is the pivotal clinical trial that led to FDA clearance for dTMS for OCD

Business Proposal

A clinical service proposal presented to Gary Fast, MD January 27th, 2020

OCD Physician Brochure

Our equipment manufacturer’s marketing for OCD

Our Brochure

Our marketing for dTMS as a clinical service

Advantages of deploying dTMS as a Clinical Service

While dTMS is highly effective & very safe, there are several barriers to implementation. These include significant equipment cost and the need for a certified technician.  That’s where we can help.   We offer dTMS as a service that consists of the equipment, a factory-certified technician and local marketing.  We also provide certification training for your physicians free of charge. 

There’s no up-front cost for you and no equipment to purchase.  Your only expenditure is a per appointment fee that’s payable only after you receive payment, so there’s no financial risk. 

Beyond impressive clinical results, our service will generate increased operational revenue for your organization with minimal time investment.  Again, there’s literally no equipment to buy or lease, no upfront costs and no additional staff required.

We're Mobile

Deepwavz developed a system that makes the equipment portable, and we’re the only company in the US certified to provide mobile dTMS.  That means we can deliver therapy to all your locations.

We’re Local

While Brainsway, our equipment manufacturer, is a large multi-national company, Deepwavz is a small local company.  We have roots in our community and we care.

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